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                                                               Mascot for the Day
                                                                               2 December 2017

Today I was mascot for the FA Cup second round tie against Maidstone United. I was very pleased since my brother had done it twice. I was really looking forward to the day.

We had to meet Paul and Jane in the club reception. This was the first time I had been in there and it was really busy. Then we went into the hotel and everywhere had the festive December look. We were taken up the stairs to a room. Newcastle v Chelsea was on the television. Dad took some photos of us mascots.

There was three from the Dons and two from Maidstone, one joined us later. I was the only girl. As we were waiting I decided to look into the bag we had been given. This fantastic goody bag included a programme, autograph book and pen and a medal. 
The other mascots and I were then told we were going down to the pitch and going into the changing rooms to get some autographs. We were taken downstairs past all the old squad photos. Dad kept saying, “I liked that kit and that one and that one too”. I think he liked every kit! 

We were shown into the dressing room and at first there was only Aiden, Connor, Sam and George. I had my photo taken with Aiden and Connor and Dad asked them how they were liking Milton Keynes? Then we were joined by Alex, Joe and Chuks. All the players signed my autograph book and Dad was able to get a photo of me with Chuks.

After we came out the changing rooms we waited around the outside and I met Brandon, Callum and Scott Golbourne. Then Scott Wootton arrived.  Scott gave my Dad a hug, I think they are really good friends! I had my photo taken in the interview area where Robbie talks to the camera after a match I always thought it was a special room rather than a corner of the tunnel area. We went onto the pitch and I sat in Robbie’s seat. The stadium looked enormous from the dugout. Fans had begun to come into the stadium and it was time to go back upstairs.

Before the start of the match when the players are warming up I was able to get another photo with Chuks, the mascots then had a kick about. Paul made us to do some running with a ball. I am not very good at playing football. We quickly ran off back to the tunnel to line up with the players. I lined up with Chucks Aneke and he held my hand when it was finally the time came to go on the pitch. We walked up to the Maidstone players and I shook hands with them. Then the mascots and the captains had a photo taken and then I ran back to my Dad to go up to the family area where our seats are.

I really enjoyed the day and my favourite bit was when I walked out with Chucks Aneke, he really is very tall. Thank you to Elena for organising it and to Paul and Jane they helped make the day really special. On a scale 0-100 it would be 100. I would recommend it to anyone!

Aged 10 years


Jacob's Story

I was very excited to be asked to represent the MKDSA at the Sponsor’s event on Thursday 15th December 2016. We had arrived early and went to the shop. Ryan Colclough and Connor Furlong were playing FIFA 17. Dad was talking to Darren Potter and Nicky Maynard. Connor was losing 1-0 when he asked if I wanted to play. By half-time I was winning 1-2 when Dad said it was time to go.


We sat on a table with Kieran Agard and David Martin and I sat next to Scott Wootton. Scott was very nice and funny. He remembered I had been a mascot at Newport and that I had gone in the changing room before the game and apart from his injury, he was enjoying being at the Dons and loved the way the club encouraged the players to mix with the fans. I was able to go around all the players and get their autographs. Then Pete gave a speech about how much relegation had upset him, but he was feeling much better following the win against AFC. He also said how pleased he was with the appointment of Robbie, Stevie and now Neil MacFarlane.


Robbie said his first thoughts on Milton Keynes was “Roundabouts”. He was very excited with the potential of the club and was looking forward to the challenge.


Bowds had told me that George Baldock had to mention “Slush Puppies” and George B Williams “Fruit Basket” in their interviews. There was also a mention that George Williams real Dad was Sylvester Stallone and that’s why the other players call him “Rocky”. I think they were joking.


I had to go up and collect the signed photo of Scott. Although I was very nervous I really enjoyed it

Everyone was very kind and the players were happy to sign autographs and pose for photographs.  Thank you MKDSA.

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