A Message from our Chairperson


What is the MKDSA for?

“The MKDSA? They only look after the kids and the disabled supporters! They don’t do anything for the ordinary fan.”


That is a comment we have heard a lot lately. It’s not true of course but I can understand why people may think that. What with the success of the Young Dons Zone and our absolute fantastic fundraising efforts during the last two seasons, people can be forgiven for thinking they are the only things we do.


As for the “ordinary” fan, We, at the MKDSA, do our best to represent all sections of our fans. Activities we are involved with are often under the radar either due to confidentiality or are just a normal part of our working relationship with the club. It could be said that the only time a supporters’ association is seen to be effective is when their fan base is in dispute with their club. We are fortunate in that our relationship with the club is a positive and mutually beneficial.


What we don’t do; is try to get other fans banned from matches, tell the manager what tactics to play or how much Pete needs to spend on new players. This is not our purpose. The MKDSA does however act as a communication channel between the supporters and the club, we offer our support to all supporters (regardless of membership or not). We also try to act as a “critical friend” to the club. To be used as a sounding board if necessary, and to ensure the views of our supporters are presented to the club in the best possible way. Our aim is, and always has been, to be an independent voice.


The Young Dons Zone, the fundraising, and the History in the Making project are all areas in which we are excelling. What we don’t do as well is publicizing who we are and what we do. We need to raise our visibility. How can we expect our fellow supporters to know who we are if we do not broadcast the fact? This is something we, as a committee, are very conscious of and is a key objective this season.


We are hoping to change this. We intend to use social media much more as a method of communicating with other supporters but are also active in looking for ways to help you as fellow supporters.  We are actively identifying and negotiating with a number of different organisations to provide our members with various benefits, and we are regularly in discussions with the club organising future events for our members.


We would like to ask what you think? Let us know via email how you think we can represent you better. We need your feedback. We want to make sure we are channeling our efforts in dealing with the matters that concern you.


Please email us your thoughts, ideas and concerns Chair@MKDSA.org.uk




Steve Gifford

Chair, MKDSA