Letter to the EFL

Mr Shaun Harvey Chief Executive English Football League EFL House 10-12 West Cliff Preston PR1 8HU 20 March 2017

Dear Mr Harvey I am writing to you to inform you of the concern of our members about the way our travelling fans were treated by AFC Wimbledon at last week’s game at the Cherry Red Stadium, even considering the hatred that many AFC fans and officials have for MK Dons. While every other EFL club goes out of their way to welcome all away fans, including us, it would appear that even though the fixture was classed as a “bubble match” on the advice of the Metropolitan Police, AFC went above and beyond this and did everything possible to make our fans as unwelcome as possible, and may even have breached health and safety regulations in doing so. We were allocated fewer tickets than usual and positioned in a section of the ground that is not the usual section where away fans go. This was also all standing, so many of our more elderly and less mobile supporters were thus deterred from travelling to the game. When we arrived at Kingsmeadow we had to trudge across a rough and uneven field in almost total darkness to get to and from our away area, which we believe was unsafe and a breach of safety rules. We make no comment on the verbal abuse and threatening behaviour from their fans towards ours, as this was only to be expected. But we do believe that the club itself were petty and childish in the way that they made no mention of our club on the scoreboard except to call us MK because apparently they couldn’t fit MK Dons on it, even though they managed to get Northampton Town on it the Saturday before, and also the fact that they no mention of their opponents on the front cover of the programme and called us Milton Keynes in the few mentions inside. They also reduced their usual coverage of the visiting team from the normal 7 or 8 pages to 1, called bizarrely Scouting Report. We are also concerned that despite the stringent security searches our supporters went through, the searches of the home fans were much less rigorous and a flare was set off inside the stadium and there was a pitch invasion when a goal was scored. Other clubs, including MK Dons, have been punished with large fines because of similar action by idiotic fans and we trust that the EFL will take this incident as seriously as the previous ones. I look forward to receiving your comments in the very near future. Yours sincerely Tom Stewart Chairman

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