Disabled Season Ticketing Price Changes

After requesting further clarification from the club in regards to changes to the ticket pricing for our disabled fans, please see below an updated statement from Andrew Cullen the club’s Executive Director.

This new statement has been released by the club to the MKDSA after ongoing conversations between the club, Rex our disability officer, and Level Playing Field, resulted in some amendments to the disabled ticketing policy. All recent comments and feedback provided by the fans of MK Dons were taken on board. If you have any questions please get in touch.

From Andrew Cullen

The MKDSA received an email from me yesterday in response to your request to the background, process, and consultation that has taken place over the last 18 months in relation to age appropriate pricing policy for disabled supporters. I also confirmed that 18 clubs in League 1 currently operate an age appropriate pricing policy for disabled supporters. Many of these clubs have introduced the policy in the last 18 months following guidance from both Level Playing Field (LPF) and the English Football League (EFL). LPF have today provided the club with the following statement:-

“Level Playing Field believes that charging an age appropriate price for tickets promotes equality and this has been our policy for some time

MK Dons has consulted with us following the guidance provided to all clubs by Level Playing Field, especially those recommendations relating to age appropriate pricing policies.

The facilities and match day experience at MK Dons gives disabled spectators a choice of viewing areas with good sightlines and access to services. Within this context we believe that MK Dons new age appropriate pricing policy is both fair and reasonable”.

Both LPF and the EFL are encouraging those remaining clubs yet to introduce an age appropriate pricing policy for disabled supporters, to do so at the earliest opportunity. Further to discussions between the club and the MKDSA over the last few days I am now pleased to confirm the following amendments in respect of the new age appropriate pricing policy for disabled MK Dons season ticket holders. 1) PHASED INTRODUCTION OF NEW PRICES The MKDSA’s disability officer requested that we review the timing of the introduction of the prices with a phased approach. The new policy due to be implemented at the start of 2017- 18 season and indicated to all disabled season ticket holders in February 2016 will now be delayed until the 2018-19 season. However, this will be phased so that for 2018-19, the increase will be limited to the midpoint between the concession price and the adult price, i.e. if prices were to remain the same for 2018-19 as 2017-18 then the price paid for an adult season disabled season ticket would be £270 or 22.50pcm. The full adult price will not be introduced until the start of the 2019-20 season. 2) PERSONAL ASSISTANT STATUS The question was raised as to the status of which disabled supporters would qualify for a free Personal Assistant (PA) status. This is an area, as we have seen in the news today, where legislation is still evolving and might change, but after further consultation with LPF, we will amend qualification for free PA status to those Season ticket holders with a disability who are in receipt of Medium or Higher Disability Living Allowance or in receipt of any level of Personal Independent Payments (PIP). This should mean that all those season ticket holders who qualify for a free PA ticket should continue to do so as well as enabling a few more disabled season ticket holders to be eligible for a free PA ticket.

3) SHIRT OFFER FOR PERSONAL ASSISTANTS TO DISABLED SEASON TICKET HOLDERS We are pleased to confirm that each disabled supporter who qualifies for a PA ticket will also have the opportunity to claim a shirt for one nominated PA for £20. This will include a Club Dons membership for the PA who will need to be registered on the club’s database. That does not preclude the disabled supporter from being accompanied by a different PA from time to time in the season where their nominated PA cannot make the match, but they will not be entitled to claim a free shirt for such additional PA’s. I hope these amendments to the policy will be helpful to our supporters, especially those who are disabled and I am grateful as ever for the observations made by the MKDSA.

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