Statement by the National Council of the Football Supporters Federation (FSF)
6th January 2006
In 2002, the legal entity that was Wimbledon FC was successful in its appeal to
move to Milton Keynes, and subsequently changed its name to that effect. Because
of this, it is recognised that the current MKD Dons Club does not in any sense
represent the community of Wimbledon and cannot morally lay claim to the
honours and history of Wimbledon FC prior to 2002. It is also recognised that
AFC Wimbledon is a new legal entity, formed by Wimbledon supporters who
wished to maintain the connection with that Community, and is not legally the
same club as the former Wimbledon FC. In effect, therefore, two new football
clubs arose out of the appeal decision.
In this situation, neither MKD FC nor AFCW should lay claim to the history of
the former Wimbledon FC prior to 2002, in their match programmes or anywhere
else. The right course of action would be for any honours or memorabilia of that
period which are held by MKDons FC to be placed in a public building in the
Borough of Wimbledon (e.g the Town Hall, the public Library or a museum)
accompanied by a statement outlining the history of the matter as stated in the
paragraph above.