A Letter from Charles

Dear Kris, Wimbledon Football Club - Relocation Plans Although I am conscious, from our most recent correspondence, that WISA is unwilling to enter into formal discussions as to the Club's future while Milton Keynes remains a live issue, I am nevertheless writing with a proposal as to how we might work together in a bid to find a solution to the Club's homelessness. All parties share the view that, in an ideal world, the Club should return to the London Borough of Merton or its surrounds and we have been encouraged by both the Football League and Merton Council, as well as by WISA, to find a suitable site within this framework. The Club has neither the assets nor the income with which to finance any development of a new ground. There should be no doubt that our financial plight is extremely serious. The only people funding the club are the owners. Cash flow requirements call for another £7m to be invested in the Club this season alone. The Club needs the security of knowing that an adequately funded stadium is available to provide a foundation for the future, whether in Merton, its surrounds or in Milton Keynes. As you know our view is that, currently, only the Milton Keynes option would enable us to achieve our ain of finding the Club a proper, adequately funded, home. However, if we were able to locate a suitable site in or around Merton that achieved this aim then we would pursue that option as being more favourable to all concerned. You will be aware of our proposal to establish the Official Wimbledon fans Forum in order to facilitate a constructive dialogue between all supporters and the Club. I very much hope that WISA will be represented in this forum. The purpose of this letter, therefore, is to invite WISA to participate in the Official Wimbledon Fans Forum and to determine which alternative proposals have so far been identified, in Merton and its surrounds, by WISA. Through the Official Wimbledon Fans Forum we would like to fully examine the alternatives with you and agree on their feasibility for the Club. To this end, I should be grateful if you would kindly contact me at your earliest convenience with details of these proposals so that we can commence this process as soon as possible. You will appreciate that, in the absence of a viable and adequately funded alternative, outright rejection of Milton Keynes is not an undertaking that the Club can give at this time, I very much hope that we can conduct this process as amicably as possible. We have been impressed by the responsible manner in which WISA has, to date, expressed it opposition to our plans and trust that we can therefore work together in examining your own proposals in the same vein, I look forward to hearing from you. Charles Koppel