The Dons in the League


The Dons in the League 1977-1982 - Author: Stephen Crabtree in April 1996. Published by Buckingham:

Sporting and Leisure Press. ISBN 0860235580.

Page 102 - 1980/81 - "Off the field too, changes were threatened. Chairman Ron Noades

claimed that the Borough did not want the club and that he was involved in talks to take

Wimbledon to Milton Keynes!"

Page 105 - 1980/81 - "Once again events off the pitch dominated the thoughts of those who

followed the Club. Chairman Ron Noades and three other directors - Jimmy Rose, Bernie

Coleman and Sam Hammam - were voted onto the board of Milton Keynes City FC. The

chairman stressed: "This is a move by four directors of Wimbledon and not Wimbledon itself.

We're there in an advisory capacity and for long term investment". But he warned; "Unless the

pre-emption is sorted out there is no future for us at Plough Lane. Milton Keynes has long term

potential. It can support a multi-purpose stadium, the potential is there"