Proposed Constitutional Amendments for 2018

•    Section 4.7.1
      New "An email vote may be submitted addressed to the chairperson, including confirmation of                      full name and membership number to be received 24 hours prior to the AGM"


      Section 6.4    

      Amend: “to a minimum of 6 times per year”.

•    Section 7.6    

     Add: “any other sources”

•    Section 8.1    

      Amend: “Only the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Communications Officer or nominated officers are            authorised to give on-the-record comments expressing the opinion of MKDSA to the media (including          Social media). Any Committee member in breach will be sanctioned as per the disciplinary section of          this constitution.”

•    Section 8.3  

      New: “The MKDSA reserves the right to remove any offensive post, posted onto any MKDSA various              social media platforms.”