Nominees Statements 2018

Steve Gifford


 My name is Steve Gifford and I am standing for re-election for Chairperson. I have been actively involved with the MKDSA for the last 3 seasons where I first joined the committee to build a bridge between the MKDSA committee and the supporters football team.

 I regularly attend matches home and away and can be found at the top of the Cowshed on home matchdays. The last couple of years I have been representing MK Dons as a player for MKDSA FC as well as supporting the lovable Donny & Mooie. I have also been involved with managing the organisation of a football tournament & cycling from Milton Keynes to Southend to raise funds for the changing places project.  I was also involved with part-taking in the first MK Dons Legends match.

 Within my role, this year I have been involved with the review of the club’s customer charter, sponsorship at the end of season awards, opening of the Changing Places facility and hosting fan forum events. I am also active on several supporters working group meetings as well as existing with individual supporter concerns.

 I love this football club and I only wish for the club to grow on and off the pitch whilst maintaining a strong relationship with the supporter community. I am proud of the accomplishments from the MKDSA and wish to be re-elected as I believe we can achieve so much more.

Olivia Killeen
Committee Member

My name is Olivia Killeen and I am 23 years old. I have been a regular attendee at MK Dons games since I was 14 years old. The MK Dons appeals to me because it is a modern stadium, a broad fanbase with an emphasis on young people. I was also pleasantly surprised at the large number of females who attend games. The atmosphere is a friendly one unlike some clubs (I have been to a few Celtic v Rangers games!). I like the "family" vibe and it feels like you are closer to the team in a lot I ways because we play in the lower leagues.
I would like to get involved mainly because my dad says the MKDSA needs to better represent younger fans' interests. Also my job (Marketing for an IT company) means I have a useful skill set that the MKDSA can utilise going forward.
Plus I am a fan! As a young woman I have ideas and opinions I would like heard. Plus I think it would be exciting to work with the MKDSA and be part of the fans' interaction with the club itself.


Rex Burton
Disabilities Officer Position

My name is Rex Burton, I am 72 years old, and I have been registered disabled for over 40 years.

I have been watching the MK Dons for the past twelve years, and I have been a season ticket holder for the last eleven years.

I have been the disabilities officer for the MKDSA for the past ten years and I would like to continue in this roll with the support of the members.

I am an elected trustee of the Level Playing Field organisation for the disabled

I hope through my efforts, that I have gained the respect, not only of my fellow committee members, but also of the members of staff at the club, that I have been involved with, and would ask for your vote to enable me to continue to work on behalf of the disabled supporters.

Many thanks.

Rex Burton.

Mike Killeen

I live in South Bedfordshire which is a traditional catchment area for Luton Town FC.  This will be my seventh season as a MK Dons supporter and my sixth as a season ticket holder. 

I watch the games from the top of the Cowshed along with my 13 year old son who is also a season ticket holder. I came to MK Dons by accident, on a £1 ticket (an offer by the club to local youth teams). It took that one match to get hooked! Loved the ground, loved the vibe. I have never regretted that decision.

I joined the MKDSA after buying my first Season Ticket, it was the obvious thing to do and I came to the first AGM last year as I was curious about what the MKDSA does, especially how it interacts with the club.  They asked for some people to join the committee, I had experience of being involved in the committee side of things in other sports, so it seems a natural thing to do.  

Thanks to the MKDSA I have represented fans’ interests on various working parties, namely; the Matchday Experience and Ticket Prices working parties.  Being on these working groups gave me a greater insight into how the club works and I am proud to lend a fan’s voice to how the club is run. As a CAMRA member I am very glad I directly contributed to getting Real Ale in the bars on match days!
I have put myself forward for the MKDSA Secretary role. I have the requisite previous experience of club administration in previous roles. I believe you have to contribute, walk the walk not just talk the talk.

Like the the rest of the MKDSA committee I would ask you, the reader, to consider coming onto the committee and lending your voice (and skills) to improve the way things are done at MK Dons FC.


Tom Stewart
Committee Member

I am Tom Stewart and have served on the SA committee for many years both as Chairman and committee member.  I still feel that this experience along with working groups I have been involved with helps me to represent you where needed.  Some of you will know me and others may have seen me taking pics at matches, I do this so that fans who are unable to attend can at least get a feeling for what the game was like.  I should be grateful if, with your approval, I can continue to try my best for all fans, whether or not, they are SA members, for another year and with this in mind I would ask for you votes to continue.


Russell Forgham 

My name is Russell Forgham and I am standing for re-election as Vice-Chair. I am a season ticket holder in the East Stand. I have been a member of the MKDSA committee for several years in my role as online archivist, collating and compiling the MKDSA online "History in the Making" Archive, which is giving me a deep insight into the history of the Dons and helps me communicate the work of the MKDSA in an authoritative way to both fans and the general public. I believe the MKDSA is taking great steps to engage with all fans, help to sort out their concerns and be a voice for them and truly represent them and I will ensure that this continues if I am re-elected.

Daisy Croker

Young Dons/Event Organiser

My name is Daisy Croker and I am 18 years old. I am standing to be the events organiser on the committee this year. I have been supporting the dons since the age of 5 where I won two tickets through a competition at school to watch the next Saturday home game. I would attend matches when as and when I could as I was simply hooked. My mum saw how much I loved football so bought my dad and I a half season ticket each for Christmas during the 2007-2008 season. I’m currently a season ticket holder in the family area with my dad and some of our friends where we all attend home games together and some away games together.  This is my first season standing for the committee. I have made the decision to stand for the committee because I feel that younger supporters aren’t always listened to therefore having a youngster on the committee will change this. I would like to be elected as the event’s organiser because I have lots of new ideas for future events that would suit all ages. I strongly believe that the social events that the supporters association host are a great opportunity for fans to meet a wide range of fans who share the same love for this fantastic football club. I love this club so much  and I really hope by standing for the committee I can help move the supporters association forward and be a voice that supporters can come to if they’ve got new ideas or concerns that they’d raising.