We need your help and support, the members of the MKDSA are arranging a programme of events to help raise funds for a project to enable us to install a specialised disabled toilet facility at the stadium, the project is been named as the MKDSA’s :-

                                                          Changing Places Project

A changing places toilet is a specialised toilet that we presently do not have at our stadium, and although we are very lucky with the facilities already in place for our less abled supporters, this facility will give us the best equipment available that will be of enormous help to those unfortunate enough to have need of it, included in the facility we hope eventually to have everything that a disabled person may need to maintain their privacy, and retain their dignity, as we all wish for ourselves, the equipment will include hoists, an adult size changing bed, washing facilities, etc.

This type of toilet, as you will realise, is something that will only be needed by a small number of supporters, and as such, at a small football club, as ours is, comes quite a long way down the order in things to do with the available budget, that is why we, as independent supporters, are going to do our best to help those people in need of it, so they have the same level of facilities that the rest of us take for granted.

To focus all our minds, let me tell you a little about one of our supporters that will benefit from the installation of this type of facility immediately, his name is Kieron Norton, he is 16 years old, and along with his parents Andrew and Sharon he comes to every home game, they are all season ticket holders at the Dons. When the family realised that Kieron would enjoy going to see a football match they gave him the choice as to who he would like to support, he chose the MK Dons, and from then on the family have been travelling to the stadium to watch every home game, what makes it so much more of a dedication by Kierons parents, is that they travel from their home in Mansfield each time. The club have been very good in trying to help Kieron as much as they can, but with the best will in the world the present set up falls a long way short of being ideal for him.

So we are asking for as many people as possible to support us in this venture by donating whatever they feel they can, every penny will help, or even by volunteering to help out at some of our upcoming events.

This project will be ongoing until it is completed over what we think will be three phases, the first of which we are hoping to complete by the summer, so the first equipment can be installed and ready for the start of next season, this means we need to raise around £2200 as soon as we can, this first stage of equipment can be installed in one of our present disabled toilets. If we are successful with phase one we will move on to phase two, which will be the planning of a larger space within the stadium to accommodate the full amount of equipment needed, if everything then goes well the final stage will be raising an extra £7000 plus to complete the project, the completed facility will then remain at the stadium as a legacy that many of todays supporters will be proud to be seen as being a part of.

Thanks for your support

Rex Burton

MKDSA Disability Officer