Changing Places Project

Our fantastic new facility is now OPEN
We would not have been able to achieve this superb outcome without the help of you,
the MK Dons supporters. 
The MKDSA committee would like to say a huge thanks to everyone that donated, helped organize, or joined in one of the events along the way, all you fans have made it possible for this project to be completed in record time.  
All MK Dons supporters can feel proud that we now have a facility in our stadium that is one of the best in the football league. 

Why we undertook this project.

Read about Kieron,

who will be the first supporter to benefit from the facility.

The MKDSA was approached by the club, late in 2016, to ask us if we thought we could help them to build a specialised disabled toilet facility. All our committee members agreed that we should help, and undertook the challenge of coming up with a programme of events to raise funds for the newly named Changing Places Project that would enable us to install one of these specialised disabled toilet facilities in our stadium.

What happened next was nothing short of miraculous, Kieran Agard donated his match worn 50th anniversary shirt to us to auction at a fans forum, it raised a staggering £800 to kick the project off, our football tournament at the stadium between supporters teams from Watford, Northampton, Stevenage, Crawley, and our own MKDSA team added over £2000, a group of MK Dons supporters did a charity cycle ride to Southend and donated to the fund, a just giving page added more, and with our own hard working committee members arranging bucket collections, quizzes etc etc etc. the ultimate total came at a pace we could not have dreamed of.

The Changing Places toilet we are now in a position to install, is a specialised toilet that is still very rare in football stadiums, and will make us leaders in showing the footballing world just how our less abled fellow supporters should be treated, we are very lucky with the facilities already in place for that segment of our supporters, but this facility will give us the best equipment available, and will be of enormous help to those that have need of it, included in the facility will be everything that a disabled person may need to maintain their privacy, and retain their dignity, as we would wish for ourselves, the equipment required includes hoists, an adult size changing bed, washing facilities, etc. and when complete will become a facility that many other clubs will look at with envy.

This type of toilet, as you will realise, is something that will only be used by a small number of supporters, and as such, at a small football club, as ours is, comes quite a long way down the order of things to do with the available budget, that is why we, as independent supporters, have all worked together to help those people in need of it, so they can have the same level of facilities that the rest of us take for granted.

Let me tell you a little about one of our fellow supporters that will benefit from the installation of this facility immediately, his name is Kieron Norton and he suffers from Cerebral Palsy, he is now 17 years old, and along with his parents Andrew and Sharon he comes to every home game, they are all Dons season ticket holders. When the family realised that Kieron would enjoy going to see a football match they gave him the choice as to who he would like to support, he chose the MK Dons, and from then on the family have been travelling to the stadium to watch every home game, what makes this case so special, and shows the total dedication of Kieron’s parents, is that they travel from their home in Mansfield each time, about 4 hours of motoring and a two hundred mile round trip. Over the years Kieron has been admitted into hospital on a number of occasions for different operations, and faced another major operation on his back last March, which was a complete success.

Thanks for your support

With the fantastic support of thousands of supporters we have reached our ultimate target in record time, we have been overwhelmed with your generosity and cannot thank you all enough for the support you have given to this project. The acquisition of all the equipment needed is now under way, and the building changes needed are being organised by the club and will be in place very soon.

Many Thanks

Rex Burton

MKDSA Disability Officer