MKDSA Committee Candidates for 2019 AGM

The MKDSA AGM is scheduled to take place on 22nd August in the Players Lounge at Stadium MK. Doors open from 6:30PM with Kick Off at 7:00PM. After the AGM, a Fans Forum will take place to provide MK Dons supporters the opportunity to ask questions to a selected panel including Executive Director Andrew Cullen & First Team Manager Paul Tisdale.


Ahead of the AGM, candidates for the MKDSA committee are required to submit their intention to stand for an officer or committee role and to provide a short statement. Below is a table which provides details of those members who are candidates for the AGM committee for 2019/2020 season.



  • Any officer positions that did not attract any candidates will be filled at the first Committee meeting as per the constitution (6.15 & 6.9).

  • Officers are always eager for members to put themselves forward to assist them in their duties even if they feel that they have not the time to stand for an Officer position. We currently have members assisting Membership, the Website, the Archiving project, and many more assisting wherever they can be of help. If you feel that you can assist please contact any committee member.

  • If you were thinking of standing for an Officer position at this AGM and ended up not doing so why not consider being co-opted to experience life on the committee? The constitution covers this, all you need to do is make the Secretary aware that you wish to be considered. 6.18: Based on a majority of the Committee voting in favour, the Committee may co-opt individuals to join the Management Committee. Co-opted individuals shall seek election to the Management Committee from MKDSA membership in the normal way at the next AGM.

Candidate Statements

Nick Hedges - Chair Person

My name is Nick Hedges , most of you will know me from my admin post of the Facebook group , which I've been admin for over 12 years .
I would like to be considered for the post of chairman.....
I'm known for my extremely proactive role in all aspects of fan based activities , which include travel, disabled rights and accessibility,. Alongside a few of my fellow admins from other groups we have some exciting new ideas on how to further relationships between the MKDSA and the fans .
As I am retired from full time work ...I am able to give my full attention to this post .
If a body you want a no nonsense fully proactive chairman...then I am your man .
Given the opportunity...I know that I could make a significant difference......
Almost forgot.....I attend all league games , home and away ....and
have done since the beginning.


Mike Killeen - Treasurer

I am pleased to put myself forward for the role of MKDSA Treasurer for the coming year.

I have been a Season Ticket holder with MK Dons since 2011. I am to be found in aisle 11 next to the Cowshed with my 14 year old son, Christie. He is also a Season Ticket holder. He is my sounding board when it comes to discussing young fans’ views as he has a lot of friends who also go to matches at Stadium MK.

I have been a committee member of the MKDSA for the past two years. I joined because they were looking for people who were willing to make to a contribution. I realised that you need to get stuck in if you want to change anything in any walk of life. The past two years have been an eye opener. The MKDSA does quite a bit of work behind the scenes; over the years we have forged positive links with the club management. We are regularly called upon to represent fans’ views to the club via various sub committees. Being in the MKDSA makes me feel I can directly contribute to how our club is run.

Personally, I am keen to enhance the visibility of the MKDSA this year. I am conscious that a lot of it goes unseen or unknown by the fans. This needs to change.


Rex Burton – Committee Member

My name is Rex Burton, I am 73 years old, and I have been registered disabled for over 40 years.

I have been watching the MK Dons for the past thirteen years, and I have been a season ticket holder for the last twelve years.

I have served as the disabilities officer for the MKDSA for the past twelve years and in that time I have pushed the level of facilities and help for the disabled to a level achieved by very few other clubs in the EFL, emergency wheelchairs, soccersight commentary system for our visually impaired, around 150 free parking spaces for disabled on matchdays, and the latest addition, a top class Changing Places toilet facility, one of the very first in the football league and envied by many.

Along with the help of many people within the club over the past years, myself, and the club, have gained a country wide reputation for being leaders in looking after our less abled supporters and pushing our commitment to them to the highest level possible, we haven’t finished yet, so we need to keep moving forward.

I am a director/trustee of the Level Playing Field organisation that campaigns for better access and facilities for the disabled nationwide.

I hope through my efforts, that I have gained the respect, not only of my fellow committee members, but also of the members of staff at the club, that I have been involved with, and would ask for your vote to enable me to continue working on the MKDSA committee


Derren Burr – Committee Member

Most of you will know me from being an Admin/Member within two Facebook groups that cover a 6,000-strong membership between them.

I’m a season ticket holder in the Cowshed along with my wife and children and in recent years have become a regular at away games.

I would like to put myself forward to join the MKDSA as a committee member. I strongly feel I have something to give alongside the already existing committee members and with some of those that are standing for election.

I am already part of a team that works tirelessly within our social media pages for all fans, young and old, promoting games, travel arrangements, parking, places to stay etc and feel that I could progress this further under the MKDSA banner.


Russell Forgham – Committee Member

I am currently the Vice-Chair of the MKDSA but this season I am standing as a committee member. I have been on the committee for six years, since I started work on the MKDSA History in the Making online archive, which is still an ongoing project. The MKDSA has always represented all of the Dons’ supporters, whether they are members or not, but in the past we have not been forthcoming enough in telling people what we have done on their behalf.  I believe that now, with our increased membership, everyone will become much more involved with the MKDSA. I hope that you will vote for me and also that you will consider volunteering to help us. COYD!

Steve Gifford – Committee Member

I have been actively involved with the MKDSA for the last 4 seasons. I first joined the committee as the community football officer but I have also been elected as Chairperson for the last 2 seasons.

I regularly attend home and away fixtures as well as support the club & MK Dons SET. I am proud of my achievements with the MKDSA including but not limited to fundraising tasks for the changing places project, supporting the club mascots and representing the supporters football team. I am also proud to support this football club and regularly hold discussions with key members of MK Dons football club for supporter related enquiries.

This season I am stepping down as the chair person to welcome new members onto the committee. If re-elected I believe I can continue to support the committee to represent our fantastic supporters


Louise Walsh – Committee Member

My name is Louise Walsh and, having been a member of the MKDSA for several years, I would like to be considered for a position on the committee. I haven’t applied for a specific role but have over 30 years of experience working with local responsible authorities in public protection and the safeguarding of vulnerable children and adults. Now I’m in a position to give my time and use that experience to give something back by being actively involved with the MKDSA to further the relationship with fans.
It goes without saying that I love football and MK Dons attending all games with my son, home and away.

Ollie Welch – Committee Member

My name is Ollie Welch and I feel that I would be a valuable addition to the MKDSA team and want to be considered for a position as a committee member at the MKDSA AGM later this month.

I have followed the MK Dons for five seasons and have been a season ticket holder for four of those sitting in the Cowshed.

I go to every home game and when work permits me, I also like to get too as many away games as possible regardless of distance.

I am one of the Admins for the popular MK Army Fan's Forum on Facebook and a frequent contributor to the main MK Dons Facebook group.

I feel that if voted onto the committee I could add passion, commitment, and in addition good communication and listening skills.